Is Stan the Man?

So. We're American. Another foreign-owned club in the Premiership. It is most definitely the end of an era as far as heritage goes, which is a shame by any stretch of the imagination. But, to be perfectly honest, if we want to compete with the biggest clubs, and we're talking about the Man Utds and the Barcas, we're going to need somebody with some serious financial clout to help us out.

Our New Hero (in the shape of a seventies pornstar)

With that being said, I think "Mr Kroenke" is the right guy for the job based on his past successes with American franchises and his silent role in the running of these teams. He's a nice guy who just happens to have crap loads of cash (his missus is even MORE loaded, being a Wal-Mart heiress) and sees a significant investment opportunity that can't be ignored. He doesn't see Arsenal as a sandbox to throw billions into like Abramobitch or Sheikh Manshitty Zaboul or whatever his name is. I don't think we'll see a huge difference in the feel and shape of the club, at least compared to the aforementioned Chelsea and City which have really been transformed at the hands of their respective owners.

I'm sure the new guy will give us a little bit more in the way of transfer funds and wages, but don't expect Arsene to go out and buy Messi, Ronaldo and Torres (OK the last one was a joke, NOBODY would buy him). That's not the way it will work I'm afraid, it's not the Wenger way.

Instead, I see it as added financial comfort for the club as a whole and probably more ways to market the club in other geographies, particularly here in America where (as most Modern Gooners know) representation of the club is really starting to kick off. More representation means more supporters, which means more merchandise sales which means more self-sustainable money to pay for Alex Songs' new designer haircuts and a new car for Cesc.

I also think this change will give us more hope of keeping promising/top players - now that Kroenke is in charge he might just be able to keep Fabregas from going back to Barcelona.

I'm Arsenal through and through. I want trophies but I also fell in love with the club for its heritage and its philosophy, I wouldn't want to trade that for anything. If I was persuaded that easily I'd go and support whatever team was 1st in the league. We still play the most attractive football in the Premiership and that in it's own right is priceless, at least to me. Having said that, I am getting impatient with our lack of silverware and I'd be curious to know whether structural changes are going to put added pressure (maybe much-needed?) on Wenger.

One thing that simply has to be done though, is the rehiring of David Dein. Why, may all you uneducated Goonerites ask? Here's why - Bergkamp, Wright, Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Henry, Pires, Campbell, Gilberto, Toure, Fabregas, Robin Van Persie, Clichy and (save the best til last) Davor Sukur. Dein was responsible for signing all of them. You'll notice that the majority of those mentioned above were part of The Invincibles. This man had a big part to play in a may-never-ever-ever-be-broken 49-game unbeaten record, and on that note alone it would be foolish not to get him back on the board. I just hope he wants to come back.

David Dein - Hopefully our first signing of the Kroenke saga

We're now in a new era, and it should give doubting fans (of which I assume there are many) excitement and confidence at the tail-end of what has been yet another bitterly disappointing season (though the fat lady aint singin' yet!). I still firmly believe, Kroenke or not, that we have a lot to look forward to in the seasons to come. Our new billionaire will no doubt aid in future-proofing those beliefs.

And now for the weekend!