London N5 Calling - Just Another Saturday?

Editor's note: In lieu of my regular Friday preview post, we have today a special guest posting from The Modern Gooner's Senior North London (N5) Correspondent, Gareth Baldwin. For my part, I've been buzzing for this all week, and will be positively bloodthirsty come Saturday, as I'm sure we all will be. We've escaped from a ridiculously scheduled interlull with nary an injury (Arshavin and Wilshere facing fitness tests before Arsene makes a decision), so we couldn't hope for better. As with every clash with the lilywhite cockshirts, there will be butterflies tempered with confidence in a team that has dominated their "rivals" down the years and already beaten them on their own ground this season, 4-1. There's not much more to say other than sp*rs are cunts, and COME ON YOU GUNNERS. Without further ado, here's Gaz...

First, an apology for disappearing since my last entry back in August. Due to a combination of moving places, a bachelor weekend in Montreal and other stuff I've not been able to pen a new entry for TMG management. There is another entry a bit different from my normal game day event post but with this weekend approaching I thought it was apt to resurface.

Tomorrow is another day in 2010, Saturday November 20th...

We have a match at home...

Nothing out of the ordinary between August to May. However, tomorrow is not just 'another day'... There will be many of us here in London rising earlier than normal on a Saturday to arrive at the pub as it opens to quell/fuel* the prematch nerves/anticipation*....* = delete as appropriate for how you feel.

Hopefully if you can't make the game you'll be in front of a TV watching. The banter has started, the predictions are being made and soon the noisy lillywhite neighbours from N17 will be dragging their knuckles down the Seven Sisters road to 'The Arsenal'.

Excitment is building in North London to,dare I say it 'Fever Pitch' levels...

I nearly fell off the upper tier when the goal above went in and delerium followed. I also forgot that I had to keep breathing in order to live for about a minute until I nearly collapsed

Tomorrow is not just another day, tomorrow is North London derby day, Gooners. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am and I hope you all feel the same wherever you are.

One of the regulars to 'The Gooner' fanzine, Simon Rose, puts it in perfect perspective

"As always in a north London derby, the relief and joy of a win will be considerable but a speck in the ocean in comparison to the horror of a defeat. It cannot be allowed. It cannot be tolerated. It must be put to the sword with a confident, commanding and clinical performance. Chins up. Heads high. No messing about. Three points."


Keep the faith Gooners. Arsene always knows.