The (very brief) Match Report: Manchester City 0-3 Arsenal

Groeten uit Nederland!

I am minutes away from heading to Schiphol Airport and my chariot to Copenhagen, but I did happen to find a perfectly lovely Irish pub to watch the match in. So, quick bullet points and then my ratings, from what I can remember (time runs together here...the match was yesterday, right?):

  • I never thought I would say this, but Lukasz Fabianski saved our season. His brilliant reflex save on Silva in the first minute could well be the turning point for our entire year. It was a tricky and unexpected shot, and our oft-maligned stopper not only got a hand to it, but he smothered it and prevented a rebound. Save of the season so far, and he's never had a more important one. If we go down 1-0 that early in their house, we lose the game. End of.
  • Samir Nasri's improvement from last season to this one has been immense. If we win anything this season, he'll be a major reason why.
  • Mark Clattenburg got WAY too card-happy with the yellows, but he was 100% correct on Borata's red card and the penalty.
  • Johan Djourou had another shocker, and Gael Clichy wasn't much better. The sooner they are replaced with Laurent Koscielny and Kieran Gibbs, the better.
  • Fabianski also stopped that raging cunthammer Adebayor twice, which was just beautiful. Bee-yoo-ta-ful.
  • Apropos of nothing: Did anyone catch any of the PSV-Feyenood match? It was on at my pub before Arsenal's match started. Feyenood may have the very worst goalkeeper on the planet. 10-0 did not flatter PSV - actually, it should have been 14 or 15. A little perspective for West Brom, perhaps?

Fabianski 9 (Man of the Match), Clichy 5, Djourou 4, Squillaci 7, Sagna 6, Fabregas 7 (Walcott 85 - N/A), Song 8, Denilson 7, Nasri 8, Chamakh 7 (Bendtner 84 - 7), Arshavin 6 (Rosicky 70 - 6)