As the International break ends...

Ah, another international break, or as Arsenal fans (via Mr. Arseblogger) know it as – the ‘interlull’. Excuse me while I *yawn*. That’s better.

Well then, where do Arsenal stand approximately 7 games into the season? Sitting in 4th place on 11 points sandwiched between Manchester United and Spurs (never a nice place to be), and, a whole 7 points behind Chelsea, that’s where. Hmm
Some monkey mathematics tells me that’s roughly 1.57 points per game which multiplied by 38 gives me a total of 60 points. A wholly pointless exercise I agree but nevertheless…

Well then, you may ask, what is it I’m trying to say? It hasn’t exactly been a stellar start to the season has it? But then again, away trips to Liverpool, Sunderland and Chelsea…. But, on the flip side, a home loss to West Brom…

Basically, I, like most other Arsenal fans, am a little unsure of the start Arsenal have made. The team has played well in some games and not so well in others, scored some great goals but conceded some rather sloppy ones… It’s a bit of a mixed bag at the moment, isn’t it?

Arsenal have got two new centrebacks and they’ll take some time settling in--they’ve been excellent in some games, let’s not forget. They have the ability and given time should become more consistent. Chamakh had made a decent start and again, given time, should become a real asset. Jack Wilshere has, quite simply, made a phenomenal start and has been one of our better players. Another addition to the squad you may say. Walcott finally looked as if he was going to be the player we all hoped he would be until he got injured…

Ah, injuries. One league table Arsenal do top is the Injury Table. When was the last time Arsene was able to play the same team in consecutive games? Surely a team that is constantly being hampered with injuries, a team that is constantly being arranged differently every week will suffer from a lack of continuity? How can relationships on the pitch blossom when one part of the relationship is lying on the physio’s treatment table his leg covered in plaster? Frustrating isn’t it? But a situation that, unfortunately, us Arsenal fans are accustomed to.

Very recent news suggests that both Fabregas and Walcott will be available for the next game (yay!) against Birmingham at the Emirates. In fact this is how Arsenal’s next few games line up:

Birmingham (h)
Manchester City (a)
West Ham (h)
Newcastle United (h)
Wolves (a)
Everton (a)

I think Arsenal are more than capable of getting a point at Manchester City while I think the rest of those games provide excellent opportunities to get maximum points. Given the fact that Arsenal have players coming back from injury (Bendtner is also due back after the Birmingham game) and that the upcoming games are not the most difficult, I believe that come this time next month, the gap between Arsenal and Chelsea may be smaller (why doesn’t the injury Lord strike down on them?). It’s something us fans have to believe in.

Chelsea, to the contrary of what I I’m reading and hearing pretty much everywhere else, have NOT won the league. Yes it’s a cliché but the league is not won in the first few games – remember Arsenal during the opening games of the 2004-05 and 2007-08 seasons? (sorry for that painful memory). It CAN happen to Chelsea. Suddenly they pick up an injury or 2 (look at their bench – not a lot happening there), maybe lose a game unexpectedly (it will happen) and, suddenly, the confidence will go. Suddenly they won’t look the impregnable force they seem to be now. Suddenly they’ll be looking over their shoulders, getting a bit twitchy (Brett: “HAHAHAHA, ‘Twitchy’ “) that there are a few clubs who have the ability to catch them. And Arsenal are one of those teams. Yes, Arsenal look a bit vulnerable defensively, yes Arsenal have been a bit sloppy, yes Arsenal have had injuries but surely, SURELY, this injury curse will abscond sooner or later (I live in hope) and that is when Arsenal have the ability, and capacity, to take FULL advantage of the situation that will be presented to them.

It is ridiculously early to write off this season. Arsenal have a large squad and, in some areas, a ridiculously talented squad. There’s a very long way to go, so come on, let’s get behind this team and after the next 6 games, if Arsenal play to our full potential, the position in the table will look a little bit healthier.

Look at that. A mini review regarding Arsenal’s start to the season and I haven’t even mentioned the goalkeepers.