Gooner Game/Giveaway to Start Off Your Monday

Ok Gooners, I thought we’d have a little fun and play a game…

Below are 8 anagrams made from the names of current Arsenal 1st team players. For those of you who do not know, an anagram is word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. In this case, I’ve rearranged the names of 8 current Arsenal players.

Can you name them all? Perhaps you can come up with a few of your own.

Have fun and good luck!

Baby Audio

Cagy Chilli

Baking Bries

Do Linens

Macro Ski Toys

The Total Cow

Rascal Love

A Dormant Rear

If you should come up with some of your own post them in the comments. Send your answers to As a little incentive, we'll draw a name tomorrow from those who submit
all 8 correct and added at least one of their own anagrams to the comments. The winner will win an
Arsenal Badge Pack (pictured below). In your email make sure to include your full name, address,
and Blogger post name.