Former Arsenal Captain William Gallas Is Officially Scum (Photos)

So it's official. Our former Captain, William Gallas has joined the Scum. The pictures below just seem almost comical. He couldn't look any more ridiculous. We knew he was a mercenary when we got him, but this sinks him to a new level of low. Congratulations William, now everyone in London hates you.

One can only wonder what could've been had we sold him 2 seasons ago and kept Kolo Toure.

Gallas has said that he cannot wait to open the latest chapter of his already illustrious career after putting pen to paper on a one-year deal with the Club.

Illustrious career? If what he has had up until now has been illustrious, then he may well feel blind this season, because its hard to see roses when you're surrounded by shit.

Good riddance Willie, we'll all be laughing as you get knocked out of Europe.

What do you think of Tottenham?!?