Weekend Preview: Arsenal Legends On The Move & NO SNOW!!!

Hello again, mon Arsamis. We've come through a big week in which... well... nothing happened. Our home match with Bolton didn't go off as planned because approximately 78 snowflakes descended on London on Wednesday, causing mass confusion, hysteria, the breakdown of social order, and in several unconfirmed instances, cannibalism. Downing Street really needs to invest in a couple of bags of rock salt.

As such, we were unable to gain the three points needed to secure second place over United and position ourselves just one point behind Chelsea, which would be a massive feat in itself considering we were 11 points back of the blue bastards after they came into the Grove and metaphorically turned our boys over with a 3-0 victory. That isn't to say we've missed the opportunity altogether, we retain that match in hand, and it's still against Bolton, who have their new manager after poaching Owen Coyle from Burnley. I find it interesting that Bolton fans are calling Coyle a Bolton "legend," considering that he played for them a whopping 80 or so times. That'd be like calling Giovanni van Bronckhorst a Highbury legend, and that's just a slight against all true Highbury legends. Anyway, the match has yet to be rescheduled, but January 20th or some time in May are the likely destinations.

Speaking of Highbury legends, Paddy Vieira has finally put pen to paper on a contract with the arab pimps running Mancini City. Vieira is an Arsenal legend in every respect, and those of us who were watching in his prime won't soon forget the image of his tall figure making powerful runs and owning the midfield, or his clashes with Roy Keane, or him holding up the many trophies he won with Arsenal. As for Vieira the man, some of us will also recall him making noise about wanting a transfer on more than one occasion, once at least because United had "tapped him up," fancying him to partner with his arch-nemesis Keane in midfield. After he finally did move to Juve, in 2005, I think many of us felt that we'd sold him on too soon, but when we played them the following season in the Champions League in Italy, Vieira was basically a non-factor, including being victimized in the lead up to one of our all-time best European goals:

Obviously, since he can no longer seem to get into Mourinho's side at Inter, he's entitled to go where he can play regularly so he can get into the France team for the World Cup this summer, most certainly his last opportunity. So fair play to him. He's not going to Spurs, United or Chelsea. As much as we all hate City, who honestly cares? I doubt he still possesses the legs or lungs of his youth, and City are willing to pay him an exorbitant amount of money (rumored 150,000 GBP/week) for his services, so if Mancini is willing to play him every day in his midfield, why shouldn't he go? My bile remains for that piece of shit Adebayor, but I reckon Paddy will get a nice round of applause from the Arsenal faithful when the sky blues come to the Grove in April. Rightly so. As for me, I'll remember him for what he did for us, although I don't think I'll be able to sing his song anymore.

Arsenal may or may not take on Everton this weekend, and as of this writing, 4 matches for the weekend have already been postponed, in all parts of England. Should the match go ahead, the Everton team we see will have few changes from the one that our Gunners dismantled 6-1 at Goodison Park in August. Jolean Lescott has taken his creepy fucking harline and moved on to City of course, where his performances have earned as many boos as cheers, replaced by Sylvain Distin of the legendary Pompey back four. Additionally, America's all-time leading goalscorer may or not be available for selection after completing a loan move to join his national teammate, 'keeper Twitchy Tim Howard. David Moyes's side has been the model of inconsistancy, so it's no easy feat to predict which Everton side will show up. One would hope for the same layabouts that we demolished once this season already, but I have a feeling that the dour Scot Moyes won't allow such a result twice. Besides, we'll be without several of the players who contributed in that match, but with Aaron Ramsey in the picture, anything is possible. In any case, whatever team Arsene selects ought to have enough to get by Everton again, especially being at home, should the match be played (knock on wood).

I won't be making predictions because I have the sneaking suspicion that more postponements are forthcoming, because England deal with snow about as well as the states below the Mason-Dixon line do. Also, it's Friday and I don't feel like it.

Now, for what we're all very interested in, transfer talk. We have been linked with strikers various and sundry since Arsene made it known that we may be dipping into the transfer market. We've seen the names of Ruud van Nistlerooy, best known for missing a penalty against us and getting screamed at in his horsey face by Martin "Boom Boom" Keown:

Of course, that one was never going to happen. I can't see Arsene signing a striker in his mid-30's, no matter how cheap. Now defenders, that's another story. Le Boss has, worryingly, not ruled out signing up former Arsenal legend and Portsmouth and Notts Fucking County washout Sol Campbell to provide some cover for us in central defense. I say worryingly, because if god forbid Vermaelen or Gallas pick up a serious injury and we're left to choose between Silvestre and Campbell, we will be in serious trouble.

Campbell has been training with the Arsenal side since his Notts County contract was voided, and no one has attempted to sign him. This is a couple of months we're talking about here, and no noice about him out of anyone. Listen, if Arsene still thinks he can do it, then we've no choice but to agree because he's le Boss. And I'll always love Sol for all he did for us, but most of all for defecting from Spurs (see above). But if this move goes through and Senderos is sold, I'll feel much more worried than secure, and I think others will agree. And if we're hunting through the bargain bin of dented cans for defenders, you can bet there's no chance we'll be signing Edin Dzeko, more's the pity.

Finally, it has come to my attention that the Togolese team bus was attacked by gunfire, killing the driver and wounding four others. Miraculously, Adebayor escaped unharmed. I mention this story only because it goes to prove that no one in Togo can hit a fucking target. My condolences to the family of the deceased driver.

That's all for now. We'll all be hoping our match goes ahead as scheduled, and it's a 10am kickoff here in the Eastern time zone. I'll be monitoring the status, so if there's any change, either Kurt or I will send an email blast to members of the NYC Arsenal Supporters group on Facebook. Cross your fingers, clutch a lucky rabbit's foot, whatever it takes to get this game played. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

Oh, and stay classy.

- B, a Gooner.