Thrills, Spills, and Bellyache....

Where do I start?? OK, let's keep this chronological... starting with the Mickey Mousers.... irrefutable proof, if any were needed, that Liverpool will NOT be in the hunt for much in the way of silverware come May was last week's 2-1 Carling Cup win at THOF.

I spent a lot of time (too much in fact) on Wednesday morning trawling the blogosphere via NewsNow and reading various conflicting reports and player ratings. Personally I thought Bendtner had a decent game, and I think there will be a lot more to come from him. Bearing in mind his age, he's racked up 50-odd games for the Arse, and some 20-odd goals. I think he's gonna be a top drawer player by the time he hits 25, and I guess that's where we hit a snag.

According to some bloggers, the future is rosier than an orchard of roses viewed through rose tinted specs, myself included in fact. But lets not delude ourselves here. Does anyone think Kerrea Gilbert is as good a back up at right back as Ebooooue?? Demented calls for Eastmond to be given a chance in the first team. You must be kidding right? The kid - and he really is a kid - would wilt quicker than aforementioned roses in a 200 degree oven! A fine prospect perhaps, but 3+ seasons away from being a 1st teamer - if ever.

Randall will be a premiership quality midfielder when he learns how long to keep the ball - I doubt that will be with Arsenal though. Watt - another good prospect, very lightweight, and, let's be honest - can you see him displacing any of our current plethora of forwards?? He will go the way of Jay Simpson (who is scoring for fun down at Loftus Road), spend some time out on loan somewhere like Watford, and who knows? Maybe we'll see him sporting the number 10 shirt and taking the piss out of Spurs centre halves in season 2012-13. There are, to be fair, some REAL players coming through, ready now, who shouldn't be held back for too much longer.... Merida, Vela, Wilshere, Lansbury, but who are these guys gonna replace? Fabregas (22), Nasri (21), Walcott (20).....err.... you get my point.

Out of the 4 mentioned above, I will bet my left nut that they will not all be here in 3 years time, they will simply run out of patience and continually being told that Diaby, Denilson, and Eboue are all ahead of them. Scary thought, eh? You only have to look at the Arsenal (recent) history books..... Bentley, Pennant, Sidwell, Diarra, all left 'cos they weren't getting playing time. Gilberto in his last season kept Diarra out, and Ljungberg in his last 2 or 3 (when we all knew his legs had gone) kept out Bentley and Pennant. Mind you, that pair of cunts have hardly set the World on fire since they left us have they? But that's another story! I've not really left much room to discuss the game.... do yourself a favour, look it up on NewsNow.... just make sure your Boss isn't watching! Ciao for (news) now... ClockEnder

Coming Next - The Sperz back four wish Arsenal a Merry Christmas....