News From The Clockend

Been a very busy couple of days bloggers, so apologies for lack of posts. It's a good thing too, as at least now I've something to discuss!

On the shit news front, we learn today that the Bendy Dane is to undergo groin surgery (I've heard rumours of a hernia?), bad news for us as the lanky B52 has started the season well, adding competition to the front line as well as height to our front line not seen since A******r, not to mention a much better work ethic than the greedy Togan (for all of you out there that actively practice schadenfreude you'll be extremely pleased to know he has reverted to his minimal work-rate, inability to understand the offsite rule or hit a Cows arse with a handful of rice, and general all round cuntiness).

Good news is seeing Sp*rs spending £150m+ on players in the last 12 months, which included Peter Crouch - there's no accounting for taste (unless you're 'Arry who has an insatiable appetite for moola of course!), but still being unable to beat The Arsenal. Oh, and Sp*rs new ground will be "better than ours" according to Daniel Levy. The prick.
Even better news is the slow motion implosion of Liverpool..... 1 win in 9..... I wonder if Ngog will be totally vilified by the collective media of the World a la Eduardo... no probably not, as, far from being jingo-istic anti foreign players, the media, FA, and referees association are institutionally anti-Arsenal. They have a great opportunity to prove me wrong.... I won't be holding my breath though.

Great result for the boys on Saturday.... a year or even 2 years ago we may well have dropped points somewhere like Molineaux... it shows how far the team has come when we had such strength we were able to leave Nasri, Rosicky, and Song on the bench. I have to say, being forced to miss the last 15 minutes (fireworks party in the local park), I was totally unsurprised to learn we had conceded late on though, this time the Verminator losing his man who just happened to be waiting for the ball on the 6 yard line! It is looking like we are really not worried about the loss of a late goal as we seem to be hellbent on being 3 or 4 up by then anyway. A bit of a worry when we come up against a decent team mind...

Things are bubbling along nicely ahead of the Chav game on the 29th - we have Sunderland away in the league and the northern Chavs in the Carling Cup before then, but I have to say Sundays result was not the ideal one for me. The ideal result would have included broken legs for Vidic, Rooney, Gary Neville, Phil Neville (I know he doesn't play for ManUSA anymore but he is STILL a cock of the highest order), Terry, Drogba (came close with his comedy epileptic fit mind) Cashley, Flumpard, well you get my point anyway...

Talking of shitcunt Scottish footballers with acne, a quick word piece of advice to Darren Fletcher:
A) "Mr Wenger" never mentioned you by name, so why the paranoia? You on the whisky like purple nose??
B) What he did say was 2, yes 2 months ago.... taken you some time to work out how to blame someone you thick Jock twat???
C) You're a shit footballer who is on the pitch to foul people. Period. Don't be surprised when the opposition act out their retribution on you and referees start booking you.
D) Try Clearasil acne treatment. You should be able to afford the amount you need. Spotty cunt.

Right folks, that's about it from me, I'm off home to knock the wife about until she cooks me something featuring copious amounts of animal products and irons my work shirts (not at the same time, could get messy).

Up the Arse!!