The Gooner Review

The Gooner Review is an 85-minute film made by Gooners for Gooners on the 2008 - 2009 season which was released on DVD on Saturday 1st August.

The film is a perfect companion to Arsenal FC's official season review. Whereas the official season review has all the goals and interviews with current players, The Gooner Review analyses the top ten most significant moments of the season from an independent supporter's viewpoint. The film features interviews with Nick Hornby, Bob Wilson, Perry Groves, Joe and Clive Swift, Peter Marinello, Tom Watt, Judge Jules and many others. So you can find out what they made of the season including the unbeaten run, the captaincy issue, the semi-finals, Arsene's performance as manager and many other key issues.

100% of all profits from The Gooner Review 2008 - 2009 will go to Bob Wilson's charity The Willow Foundation.

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