Wegner and Fergusson: Side By Side?

Asked who he would like to win the title this season, if not United, Fergie said: “I would prefer Arsenal to win it rather than some other clubs i could mention.”

United and Chelsea have shared the title for the past four years but Ferguson believes the clash with Arsenal is still the bigger game because of their histories.

Ferguson said: “If you look back over the last 12 or 13 years, who has it been? Arsenal v Manchester United, Manchester United v Arsenal.

“Of course we’ve got Chelsea at the moment — that’s without question.

“But the history of Arsenal against Manchester United means that you’re not just talking about winning a football match — you’re talking about your history against the other team’s history.”

Fergie, quoted in The Sun, added: “There’s a dominance attached to that. You want to be the dominant team and they want to be the dominant team — we’ve had some volatile matches because of that.

“But you can’t beat the history and the quality that both teams believe in, and the way they want to play has never changed.”