Arsenal: Wenger on Hull City Defeat

Arsène Wenger will look at himself more than his players for the reasons behind Saturday’s shock 2-1 defeat at home to Hull City.

On a dramatic, unpredictable afternoon at Emirates Stadium, the aptly-named Tigers came from behind to inflict only Arsenal’s second defeat in more than two seasons at their ‘new’ home.

Wenger is a football obsessive who has been known to stay up into the early hours to review that day’s victory. He once admitted that during his early career in France he had to stop the team bus to be physically sick after one bad loss. Therefore you can only imagine his reaction to the deep disappointment of Saturday.

“I always look first at myself after defeats,” he said. “Don’t worry about that. We do that with all the staff.

“You think about the game and, if you can watch it, you watch it again.

“But there were certainly enough ingredients in the game to make me physically sick again.

“We had an opportunity to go top of the League and in that situation you have to be right in your intensity and in your concentration level. That ‘electric level’ in our head was not high enough.

“I don’t know if we can’t afford to lose again but what we delivered today was not good enough. We know that. So the important thing now is not how many games we can lose this season but preparing well for Tuesday night.”

I'm hoping we haven't blown our load and gotten too cocky because we beat the Blades 6-0, or Blackburn or Bolton. Arsenal needs to take this loss very seriously since Hull has been at this point the highest ranking Premier League team we've met this season which we underestimated. We've yet to face the likeness of Liverpool, or Chelsea. We need to take this as a lesson and get back to playing proper football like this:

(May 26, 1989 at Anfield, Championship decider...Thank you, Michael Thomas!)